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Pebbles London - Creative Recipes, Culinary Ideas and Lifestyle Inspiration .  

Welcome to Pebbles! Food isn't just a necessity in life. It is an expression of culture, an art form, food brings people together. Included throughout my website you will be able to explore my recipes perfect for your kind of lifestyle, tips and tricks for enhancing your kitchen skills along with interesting articles about seasonality, home and lifestyle.
You also have access to a store where you can purchase Pebbles London reusable canvas bags.

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About Me! 

Hi I am Sophia! I am a professionally trained chef with experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Growing up in London my passion for food grew through exploring a wide variety of cuisines from a young age.  My love of travelling allowed me to try beautiful dishes and learn new techniques which I look forward to sharing. Through my website I am excited to offer an insight into my greatest passion the culinary world. 

I will also be sharing all things home and lifestyle to help bring light to your day to day. 

Contact me to order custom cakes, hire Pebbles London for my catering services or for further information. You may be able to find the answer to your question by checking my FOQ's on my Contact page. 

Pebbles London Events Schedule

Pebbles London private dining is perfect to make your Christmas dinner parties even more magical! 

Custom Orders And Dessert Services

Pebbles London offers various custom order and catering services. If you are interested in any of these services or have further questions regarding any of these services please use the contact bar at the bottom of the page or email All of these services are currently only available in London. (A deposit will be requested upon order for security purposes). 

What services I offer:

  • Custom Cakes - Homemade custom cakes for any occasion. Cost will vary depending on size of the cake, cake flavour, fillings, icing and any external decorations. Cakes can either be picked up or delivered, if the cake requires delivery there will be an additional fee depending on the distance of the delivery. 

  • Dessert tables for events -  Dessert tables are a beautiful addition to an event. These can consist of a variety of sweet treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, Petit fours, cupcakes, cookies, miniature cakes and brownies. Cost varies depending on which desserts you request, the number of each dessert, any additional decorations as well as distance and time to/at the location. Dessert tables are constructed at the event and cleared by Pebbles London staff.  

Catering Services And Private Dining

  • Catering for small events - Events such as small birthday events, Gatherings or business events. This can include cold canapés, afternoon tea and desserts. Food will be prepared from scratch offsite and will be served on site by Pebbles London staff. Cost varies depending on the food items requested, any additional decoration requested as well as the duration time of the event. 

  • Private dining - Private dining for brunches, lunches or dinner parties. These can include pastry and fruit tables, dessert tables, savoury brunch spreads, cold lunch spreads, 3 course lunch menu, 3 course dinner menu or a lunch/dinner tasting menu. Cost varies depending on the service requested.

Recipes And Articles 


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