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How To Get The Desired Cookie/biscuit Texture.

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

There are many different types of cookie/biscuit textures and variables that need to be considered when trying to reach your desired cookie/biscuit.

1. Crumbly cookie/biscuit

To get a buttery crumbly texture you will need to make a cookie recipe with less eggs. The eggs work as a binder which hold it together. The less egg you use the flakier and crumblier it will be.

Examples of crumbly cookies/biscuits:

• Shortbread

• Crumble cookies

• Flapjack biscuits

2. Chewy cookies

Chewy cookies are the go-to desired texture when it comes to cookies. The best way to guarantee a chewy cookie is with 3 key point!

1. The sugar: using a blend of brown sugar and caster sugar. The use of brown sugar helps the cookies stay chewy and gives them a beautiful deep caramel flavour.

2. The flour: you want to make sure that the flour is sieved to reduce the chance of lumps, you also want to make sure that the dough is very soft, so to get a chewy cookie use less flour.

3. Temperature: temperature control is important when making chewy cookies. Once you’ve made the dough leave it to chill in the fridge for at least an hour it will firm up the dough making sure that the middle stays chewy when baking. The oven shouldn’t be too high in temperature because you want the cookies to just get golden and not overcook so they stay soft, the best temperature for chewy cookies is 180*c/ 356*f.

4. Butter: you want to melt the butter before mixing it into the sugar, this will make for a chewier cookie instead of room temperature butter.

Chewy Chocolate chip cookies

Examples of chewy cookies:

• Chocolate chip cookies

• Oatmeal raisin

• White chocolate cranberry cookies

3. Cake texture cookies

Cookies with a cake texture are made with more flour and eggs then standard cookies. They are also made by creaming room temperature butter and sugar and being baked straight away without chilling. This results in a high rise fluffy and soft textured cookie.

Examples of cake texture cookies:

• Lemon cookies

• Ginger cookies

• Chocolate cookies

4. Snap and crunchy cookies/biscuit

There are many cookies/biscuits that are well known for their snap and crisp texture. Using caster sugar will make a crisper product. Also reducing the amount of caking ingredients in the biscuit/cookie will give it more of a snap (e.g eggs, flour, butter).

Example of snap biscuits/cookies:

Christmas (white chocolate and hazelnut / dark chocolate, cranberry and pistachio) biscotti

• Biscotti

• Brandy snaps

• Sugar cookies

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